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Guangzhou Tongwei Shizu Technology Co., Ltd.
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Tongwei Shizu is located in the animation industry base of Panyu, Guangzhou, China. The company focuses on the technical development, application, innovation, production and sales of coin-operated game machines, claw machines, children's game machines, virtual reality equipment, arcade amusement equipment and other products. Our products are exported to South America, North America, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and many other countries and regions, and have received good feedback. We have 12 years of equipment manufacturing and R&D experience, and have experienced professional R&D personnel in the industry. We insist on independent research and development of new equipment, exclusive copyrighted content and personalized program needs. We are not only a gaming equipment manufacturer, but also provide "efficient and sustainable" offline product business solutions for various customers. We also provide one-stop OEM services from production and sales to service sites, providing assistance to customers from site design, product selection, product layout to putting into use. Welcome friends from all over the world to contact us for the latest product information